AccuTrace Testing, Inc.

AccuTrace is committed to providing fast, affordable, accurate test results, using a wide array of the best testing techniques available. Legally binding results & home testing kits available. Nationwide and confidential results for businesses or personal. Call (817) 563-4004.

DNA/Paternity/Drug Testing

Our most popular services include DNA, Paternity, and Drug Testing. We provide DNA/Paternity testing appropriate for legal and non-court cases. We help employers implement a company drug screening and/or enforcement program.

Drug, Poison, Toxic Testing

AccuTrace provides drug testing, poison, toxic testing through fingernails and toenails. Results are normally processed with 3-5 business days. Services offered nationwide.

Get Test Results

If you have already submitted samples for testing, please click here to get test results.

Background Checks

AccuTrace's subsidiary AccuTrace HR empowers employers to conduct a wide range of pre-employment background screenings, including criminal, civil, Homeland Security, bankruptcy, previous employment verification, and more. Visit for more information.

AccuTrace Testing, Inc.

Drug Testing by SAMHSA, CAP AND CLIA Certified Laboratories.
Paternity Testing Laboratories Accredited by: The American Association of Blood Banks, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (CLIA)

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